Saturday 8th May


Everyone is to be Sunsafe (Hats, Sunscreen, Collared Shirts)
Being a Scout Activity - Enclosed Shoes must be worn at all times
Everyone who is On The Water must wear a PFD at all times
Please bring a change of clothes and warm clothing to prevent any sickness


  • Canoeing for Joeys and Cubs
  • Rafts for Scouts to Leaders
  • ALL Youth must be able to swim 50m in a PFD (Leader Identified)
  • ALL attending Sections must supply Leaders for activities.

NO SWIMMING WILL BE ALLOWED - due to sharp drop off into the river and weed growth

THIS IS NOT A LINKING ACTIVITY (a Cub who is Linking is not a Scout until invested)

There will be 2 Race Classifications
     Scout Rafts -
Members of Scout Section
Rafts - Venturers, Rovers & Leaders

Refer to QBSI 11.19.6 - Participants need to be able to swim 50 metres and stay afloat for 3 minutes wearing shirt, shorts, enclosed footwear and a Personal Floatation Device(PFD)

The race winners are being judged by the physical Race itself and not by whether the Construction of the raft had Leader assistance or not. As all rafts must meet a structural standard to be allowed on the water and Leaders will not be on Rafts in the water.
Rafts must have 4-6 members only


Rafts should be designed so they are capable of being constructed by youth members without adult assistance.
Strongly recommended that practice of raft construction be done prior to Raftarama to be able to pass strict scrutiny
   Rafts are to remain structurally intact throughout the race as swimming to shore is not an option due to weed growth
Design a flag to fly on your raft - must contain your Group Name and either Patrol Name or Number

Construction on the day should be done totally by only those Scouts who are in the raft crew.
*Leaders may be asked to step in and help if time and integrity is not being reached for the Raft Race Start
   (Leaders will be asked to step in by Raft Scrutineers ONLY)
Rafts must be constructed on site.
No Poles must protrude more than 200mm outside of Lashings (These may be cut off with a saw on the day)
Construction of a flag pole on the raft not to be higher than 2m from deck.
TELSTRA Rope Lashings must be in good condition
If natural fibre lashings are used, be prepared to cut and discard at the end of the activity.
Consider the use of twine. Bamboo may be considered as a suitable material for the frame
Propulsion is to be by Paddle Only.
All Rafts shall be capable of floating with deck or upper surface not less than 200mm above the water level when fully loaded with crew. Approx - 130L of Air per Crew Member. You may find that 200 litre plastic drums are easier to lash to a wooden frame than 20litre drums.
A Raft made with 4 x 200L drums should hold 6 Scouts easily.
A Raft made with 6 x 200L drums should hold 6 Scouts easily
A Raft made with 20L drums would require 7 drums per person that would be 42 drums for 6 Scouts.

Materials to used

  • Wooden Spars, Ropes and Plastic Drums
  • Commercially bought paddles
  • Homemade Paddles (No metal or sharp edges)

Items Not to be used

  • No Welding, Bolting or Nails
  • No Steel Drums, or Boat Hulls
  • No Tyre inner tubes or other inflated bouyancy
  • No Metal Shovels
  • No Duct Tape Lashings, etc


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